Monday, December 8, 2014

Machine Learning Challenges with Imbalanced Data


Application of Machine learning algorithms to some of the real-world problems pertaining to areas, like fraud/intrusion detection, medical diagnosis/monitoring, bio-informatics, text categorization and et al. where data set are not approximately equally distributed suffer from the perspective of reduced performance. The imbalances in class distribution often causes machine learning algorithms to perform poorly on the minority class. The cost minority class mis-classification is often unknown at learning time and can be far too high. A number of technique in data sampling, predominantly over-sampling and under-sampling, are proposed to address issues related to imbalanced data without discussing exactly how or why such methods work or what underlying issues they address. This paper tries to highlight some of the key challenges related to classification of imbalanced data while applying standard classification technique. This discusses some of the prevalent methods related to balancing the imbalanced data sets and their short comes in a hunt for better methods to handle the imbalanced data.  

Awaiting session recording. Will post it soon.

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