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Phone's Internet 1,000 Times Faster Than 4G

Yes, I am not joking.

Artemis, a start up came with the concept called pCell using small reception unit instead of big towers. They found a way to use tower interference between two towers in the favour of strengthening the signal. This interference was the biggest challenge in the current model which is forcing mobile providers to position towers minimal distant apart leading to signal strength issues.

Moreover, the small pCells also address the issue of bandwidth choking at crowded places.

artemis pcell visualization 1080p 1920x1080 - YouTube pcell will change the world
Sculley & Perlman: Wireless World Is Breaking Open - YouTube Artemis pCell technology demonstration of the future of wireless networking - YouTube Discover Artemis Networks' pCell Technology New Thinking - YouTube pCell academic demonstration at Columbia by Steve Perlman, CEO, Artemis Networks - YouTube 5 things to know about pCell

This is a much needed technology for Internet of Everything and Pervasive computing …

25 amazing social media quotes

Exciting Quotes... reposting here
Sandy Carter GM Ecosystems and Social Business IBM
1) “Social media does not change your culture, it reveals it.” 2) “We embed social media inside our processes. Let’s look at our processes and see how we can enhance them with social.” 3) “If all you did to improve your commercial presence was to train your sales people on the importance of influencers … how much more effective could they be?” 4) “We have a constantly-changing portfolio of social media experiments. The first time we tried applying social technologies in a customer service department it became the most productive department in the company.” 5) “In just 200 tweets we can assess and identify 52 different personality traits of a customer. We ran an analysis over 500,000 people and we really nailed this. Think of providing this powerful insight to a retailer. We can see what they value, not just what they are …