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Setting up Hanlon Development Environment

Pre-requisitesOperating System: Support any standard Linux distribution (Ubuntu LTS 14.04)
Database: MongoDB
Web Server: Trinidad
Dev Tools: JRuby development enviroment with necessary gems
Others: git, make, openjdk7, etc.,Setting upUpdate your linux to get all the latest distributionsapt-get install updates
1. Install pre-requisitesapt-get install -y git make mongodb openjdk-7-jre-headless g++ isc-dhcp-server ipxe tftp tftpd curl2. Install ruby environment with your preferred Ruby environment manager like rvm or rbenv (I prefer using rvm) and setup jruby as your default environment \curl -sSL | bash -s stable --ruby=jruby
source /usr/local/rvm/scripts/rvm
rvm use jruby --default3. Setup Hanlon working directory (My preferred location ~/wspace/hanlon) and clone hanon git repositorycd
mkdir wspace
git clone hanlon4. Install / update ruby gemscd hanlon
bundle install
gem install bundler trinidad5. Run trinidad servertrinidad --address -…

Hanlon Announced Today

The CSC Open Source Program launched today with the first production ready version of Hanlon, a node provisioning solution. It is a major rewrite of the Razor project, which was originally written by Tom McSweeney and Nick Weaver two years ago, with an improved architecture and design. For people not familiar with Razor, Razor is an automated, policy driven OS provisioning and node control solution for both bare metal and virtual machines provisioning. A detailed overview can be found in Nick's blog. Tom McSweeney and Nick Weaver, who originally built Razor during their EMC days, launched it as open source through PuppetLabs, which grabbed a lot of attention from the community. A detailed history of Razor and the events that lead to the birth of Hanlon can be found in Tom McSweeney's Hanlon announcement blog.
Coming back to Hanlon, Hanlon is released as two open source projects:Hanlon (the web server component to manage Hanlon nodes) and the Hanlon-Microkernel (a light weigh…