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$400 million to Bankruptcy in 45 mins :(

While googling for devops case studies, i found this very interesting blog post by Doug Seven on how Knight Capital Group (an American Global Finance) failed code deployment on one of the eight production instances lead to the bankruptcy of KCG in August 2012.

At the first read I felt it may be a hypothetical case or something that is shown too aggravated. But with minimal digging I could correlate some of the facts even thought I am not totally sure about the the whole story. Anyways here the point is not about the story but about Dev & Ops nightmare. Ignorance is not a blissBlog may be talking about 2012, but even today we just have a below 40% adoption of devops which seriously means lots of organization out there still doing manual heavy lifting of syncing of code between the dev/qa/prod environment. With manual intervention there is always a possibility of mistakes. If not today… tomorrow. Now the question to be asked is When or Why? Yes, with so much at stake organization cann…

Building MicroServices! Real Fun...

I have been coding for more than 25 years and used more than 18 different programming languages (and the framework each is good and strong at) spanning every programming style from simple scripting, procedural to objected oriented to dynamic, functional (more attractive to Software Engineering community these days). Let me confess, every time I switched to new language or style I always felt “Oh, hope I also had that”. Trust me no language is complete; no style is perfect. So only way to feast your programming appetite is try something different which gives the flexibility. I honestly think, MicroServices style of application is the one that gives the needed flexibility.
It is not said and done. We need a more pragmatic answer to the question “Why it is fun?” In my experience, the biggest challenge in designing & building software systems is that of the identification of all the bit and pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. As we know, it is never easy to identify the position of any piece …

Distinguished Engineer Award

Link to the video on YouTube

Windows Node Provisioning with Hanlon

Yes, that is right. Now you can provision windows node with Hanlon. Here is a video from Tom McSweeney (posted on youtube) sharing the details

Hanlon evolution - CSC Techbites

Tom McSweeney sharing details on Hanlon during CSC Techbites

Technology Watch List for 2015

Some of the technology disruptions for this year

- Internet of things
- Personal Cloud
- Web-Scale IT
- Software Defined Anything
- Augmented reality @ Enterprise
- Gamification
- 3 D Printing

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are going to have a major impact on next generation software systems.