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Whats troubling SDN journey?

While we are seeing a big hype going #SDN way still technical community does not seems to be totally comfortable with SDN. Tom Nolle summarized those missing links in his blog

According to him some of the key missing links are

1. Lack of standards for full device control
2. Service control software is missing
3. Multivendor network control a barrier to adoption
4. Managing control traffic in centralized networks
5. Boundary functions are needed

10 ICT predictions by IDC for 2014 in APAC

The 10 ICT predictions by IDC for 2014 in APAC:"Death" of BYOD, birth of CYODOne-on-one marketing redefined to become socially and contextually awareGelocation data to drive opportunities, push regulationsBig data as-a-service (BDaaS)New models from mobile and e-commerce boomTech giants move to adjacent industriesInternet of Everything driving products and biz modelsPartner community platforms to drive biz innovationSoftware-defined infrastructure formally on agendaPerfect storm for projcet failure from mobility, analytics, social and cloud