Thursday, July 25, 2013

Enterprise Applications - A major shift in happening

I have been tracking the paradigm shifts (long since my college days) as the technology evolves. Seen the days of single machine / single user / silo applications to the current trend of complex, distributed, multi-cloud, auto scaling systems. If that is not enough the disruption of machine to machine communication in the form of Internet of Things taking this to a next level.

This did not happen overnight. It is a sequential evolution of technology over multiple grow-stabilize cycles over the last 50 years with each new technology triggering a new cycle.

Now the rapid adoption of cloud, big data coupled with newer technologies triggering the new cycle which is going to reshape the fundamental of enterprise application development and consumption models.

In this new shift that we are witness now...
  • OOP is no longer would be the preferred programming style
  • Next generation application architecture pattern to address auto-scaling, fail safe mechanism
  • Next generation app platforms with built in capabilities to decouple technical architecture complexity
  • Dev and Ops are no longer silos
  • No yearly, half-yearly, quarterly delivery cycles but multiple time in a day though continuous delivery
  • Applications deployed in virtual containers or capsules
  • Enterprise application are delivered through a consumer centric App Store model (not a mobile app store but an enterprise app store)
What else? We need to wait and see

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