Saturday, January 5, 2013

Do we know the enterprise IT challenges...???

Last night during the dinner chat with one of my old school pal, we stumbled on the topic of current issues that enterprises are stuck with. It went on almost for 30 mins. But what made it less interesting to me is that whole discussion was around cost cutting, our sourcing, rationalization etc., It is really boring, we are still taking about the tip of iceberg. But the question is due we really know what the real challenges are. I am not talking about a laundry list with 30/40/50 items. I am looking why we really have those items? (whatever the count is).

I could not get this out of mind and started listing, order, consolidating, prioritizing those items to make sure I am completely confident that as a consultant I am doubly sure about them.

Of course, it is debatable. But this is what I think are core problem and rest of list is the symptoms.

1. Dynamic market conditions are forcing business to adopt rapidly while IT is able to respond to this
2. Day by day IT is becoming expensive due to the mass it has put up over the years. Organization are barely left with budgets to carry the additional mass or sometime dead weight which we are not able to cut off
3. Application developments costs are not realized due to ... immature models, buggy and sloppy apps created, high life cycle costs, limited use adaptation, ... overall all these the time to market issue
4. Data is growing, but no information within the sight. Not sure how to store, analyze, present the data. Even the simplest how to make sense of it?

Like to offer any help in refining / redefining my thoughts. You are most welcome.

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