Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Evolving App Paradigm

Over last two decades we have seen enterprise application landscape changing very rapidly with rapidly evolving technology stacks and changing industry dynamics. It is time for another paradigm shift in terms of how we conceptualize, design, develop, test and maintain our applications to meet volatile business requirements.

Some of the prime features of this evolving paradigm

  • Flexible business user centric infrastructure (than IT centric)
  • IT as a service model with emphasis on user self service.
  • Flexible development and deployment infrastructure which is readily available over cloud (no setup time, no high budgets and initial spending)
  • Develop application using modern development languages which help improve the developer
    • Usage of more dynamic meta programming languages
    • Reusable assets, code generators, ...
    • Build once and run anywhere across platforms and devices
  • End-to-End application lifecycle integration through ALM and DevOps
    • Improve communication and collaboration through Web 2.0 models
    • Improved development workflow through ALM tools
    • Integrate development and deployment groups through DevOps tools
  • Deliver application feature as apps through enterprise app store addressing the BYOD needs
  • Seamless process integration across machines through machine and mobile interfaces

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